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infant care at jubilee

We know finding the right infant care can be really stressful.
Our goal is to make your infant's first transition away from home easy and natural for not only the baby but for the parents as well. Jubilee Kids infant care program is designed to support each baby's individual schedule and is dictated by specific, personal needs. We recognize the importance of infants having responsive adults who recognize and meet their needs in a nurturing and consistent manner. Every child in the Infant Room is assigned a primary caregiver to ensure individual attention is given. The children will also form trusting bonds with the other caregivers in the room. All of our care givers are cognizant of the importance of establishing a stable relationship through which trust and security are generated.

Daily sheets are sent home to keep you informed of your baby's day. Our babies are never left in their cribs while awake. Rather, our caregivers make sure your child's awake time is spent out of the crib where they will stretch and cuddle, push and pull, and experience sights and sounds to learn about their bodies and the world around them. Our teachers enjoy using language with the babies through engaging them in dialogue, singing and reading stories to them. Our curriculum provides opportunities for the babies to socialize, explore, and discover while our high standard for care ensures that they are loved and cared for unconditionally.

The older babies in our Infant Room begin to master their bodies and their environment as they crawl, waddle and walk. In addition, fine motor development such as grasping and manipulating objects opens up a whole new world for these babies! Since children learn primarily through play, the equipment and toys have been carefully selected by our team of experienced educators to ensure they are age appropriate, safe, and purposeful. Our teachers have been trained to implement a program with a balance of nurturing, playing and learning throughout the day. They understand that their interaction, conversations and give-and-take play contributes immeasurably to the baby's development. They naturally interact with children by teaching songs and words, lessons of cause and effect, and safe interaction with the world around them. They are committed to ensuring the development of confidence, self-esteem and a love of learning.
Primary caregiver for each child
Proactive, daily communication with parents
No awake time spent in cribs
Focus on socialization, play and exploration
Age-appropriate, safe toys and equipment
We exceed all state requirements for licensing
And we form a bond with your child- we love your babies!
From one of our families
"No matter how much research you do on a business, or a business owner, it is never easy to leave your children with other people. However, Kelly Prasil and her business, Jubilee Kids Preschool and Childcare, always have the best interests of our children in mind. Since Kelly has taken ownership of the business, she has invested in the staff, facilities, technology - and by extension, in the day-to-day well-being of our children. The daily update emails (and wonderful candid pictures of our children at play) are wonderful to receive. We are very grateful to have found Kelly and her company and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great childcare solution."
Ms. Amor, Infant Teacher
"I love my cute infants because they are innocent and unique.  They tell you how they feel and what they need through their expressions, body movements and by cooing, babbling and crying.”
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