Creativity and Big Ideas

The 3-4's Program at jubilee

Between the ages of 3 and 4, kids start to see the world differently.
At 3 and 4 years old, children start to think about and see the world beyond what they can just touch; you may notice your little one has become an 'idea man/woman'. Language acquisition helps increase peer interaction among this age group making three year olds more socially aware than younger children. They will begin to share and take turns. Lessons are carefully planned and implemented based on assessment and individual learning styles. Learning centers such as a library center, a dramatic play center, an art center, a manipulative center and a listening center are at the core of our 3-4 year old program which will promote pre-reading and pre-math skills through developmentally appropriate practice. In addition, we will focus on building strong social-emotional and intra-personal skills as well as self-esteem and confidence in a group setting. In out 3-4 year-old program, we foster a love of learning that is essential for their future success in school. Our teachers are patient, have a great sense of humor and have created an atmosphere that is conducive to safe, engaging, social exploration.
Fun activities that help expand vocabulary and an understanding of language
Projects designed to engage every type of learner
Activities designed to sharpen fine and gross motor skills
Focus on practicing sharing and cooperation
Hands-on activities
We exceed all state requirements for licensing
We love watching the little ones develop their own, individual personality!
From one of our families
"Jubilee Kids has been cornerstone to my daughter's development, creativity, and socialization. I can tell Ms Angela is dedicated to seeing each child excel. She takes time to send home weekly activity sheets to help me reinforce at home what my daughter is learning during the day. Not only do I love the staff for their compassion for the children, I love that they offer flexibility with our schedule. The staff has been extremely accommodating to my occupation. It's been hard to find a place to work with my family's hectic life so I'm thankful! As a young mother I've never attended my child's after school events for the fear of being judged but Jubilee's staff and parents have been nothing but inviting. My daughter and I have felt welcomed from the beginning. My daughter begs me to take her to school on her days off to see her new friends. Jubilee Kids has become a second home to her."
Engage your 3 and 4 year olds in creative play!
Put on a show- be a rockstar, a dancer or comedian.
Dress up like super heroes and create your own super-human powers.
Make up a different ending to your favorite book.
Create a whole city, farm or palace with blocks.
Miss Alisha, Teacher
"Each of my students has a drive to learn and a heart full of love.  I their daily victories and and share the joy they experience when they learn or master a skill."
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