Friends, Independence, and Exploration

The 2's Program at jubilee

Between baby and big kid, the 2's are a time of rapid development.
These 2's are in no way "terrible"! Stuck somewhere between babyhood and childhood, these curious kids are acquiring and enthusiastically using many new skills- most notable are language and motor control. Our 2 year old program is designed to focus on the continued development of social skills and education fundamentals. Here, the children begin to recognize their "school" as an environment filled with friends and opportunities for exploration. Daily small group instruction will focus on self help skills and allow for individual teachable moments. We strive for a perfect balance of nurturing, learning, and playtime by combining fun and engaging activities with quality care. Children will be exposed to a variety of activities designed to reach every kind of learner- sensory, auditory and kinesthetic experiences will be available throughout your child's day. At this age, play is still characterized as parallel rather than interactive but social skills are nurtured through their growing independence and self-assertiveness. Two year olds need a supportive and safe environment in which new skills can be practiced and mastered and where frequent, enthusiastic praise encourages further exploration. Our 2's are assigned primary caregivers to assist the children with essential, everyday needs as the schedule becomes more uniform instead of individual in terms of feeding and sleeping
Primary caregiver for each child
Proactive, daily communication with parents
Activities designed to engage every type of learner
Focus on socialization, play and exploration
Hands-on activities
We exceed all state requirements for licensing
The growth we see during this age is so exciting!
From one of our families
"Kyleigh absolutely loves goes to Jubilee Kids 3 days a week. She would go all week if it wasn't for us telling her she has to go to her Mema's. She comes home learning new things all the time. I'm amazed at her understanding of the world at such a young age. Her vocabulary has expended tremendously and at 4 she's able to write small words and her name beautifully. Kyleigh is very much a momma's girl and nearly every time I drop her off she does not want me to leave. In many cases she cries and begs for "one more hug". The teachers at Jubilee will help me with this process and take Kyleigh from me to ease the goodbye. Soon enough she's enjoying her day. It's so cute, she calls the other children at Jubilee "her kids" and tells me "I'm going to see my kids today". I'm happy to have found a place where she feels comfortable and is always wanted to come back to day after day. Thank you for all that you do!"

-Jennifer Walsh
Ms. Dawn, Teacher
"The thing I look forward to the most everyday is seeing what the children can accomplish! I love how they grow and develop right before my very eyes!"
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